EZESE Information Systems International Consultations (EISIC)

EZESE team is now preparing for a new stage of EZESE life; EZESE UK. EZESE UK was the idea of some EU experts who decided to build on the success of EZESE model in Egypt. They decided to take EZESE out to the world and start delivering its solutions and services worldwide.

EZESE Information Systems’ International Consultations is now a UK based technology solutions’ company that originated in Egypt on 1994. Since 1994 EZESE introduced many systems and solutions in different fields (EZESE history).

Many governmental, private sector, and NGOs utilized EZESE solutions and services. Fields of implementations covered manufacturing (CAD/CAM and ERP solutions), environment monitoring, oil prices forecasting, multi-modal transport automation, health-insurance management, integration between medical systems and radiology devices, robotics communications security, and many other implementation fields.

EZESE also helped research institutes either by direct participation in the research process (especially in Artificial Intelligence, and Mobile Sensors’ Networks) or by developing simulation and forecasting systems.

On the services level, EZESE services include systems auditing, evaluation, recommendations, and integration. EZESE experts are especially experts in systems security and performance evaluation and enhancement.